Gamma Rays
March 2020
Happy St Patricks Day
Milwaukee GAMMA

GAMMA: Happy St Patricks Day, 2020!!

Daylight Savings fast approaches and daylight will last a bit longer…. Thankfully. Hopefully the sun will shine more for all of us.

Plenty of time to schedule your events, based on the calendar entries in this newsletter.

Please note that we are always in need of photos from the events you attend. It makes publishing these newslet-ters a much easier task when your publishers (Gerry Ottone, Paul Masterson, Roger Kocher, and Erico Ortiz) try to put this all together. We would particularly like to see photos of Cribbage or Sheepshead gatherings.

Also, please share your info, your upcoming triumphs and celebrations… and any events you may want to offer the membership. Let’s support each other in our endeavors and adventures.