Presidents Corner

Here we are in March , a month of action, but still a cold and gloomy one. Lets make the most of it by staying active. Daylight savings begins on Saturday March 7, making our days lighter, brighter and longer, a good sign! Remember, spring forward so you’ll lose an hour of sleep, but gain an hour of daylight.

SIP & FISH: This month we will have our SIP & FISH at a NEW place on Friday, March 13 at 5:30pm: Oscar’s at 1712 West Pierce. Pease call David to let him know you will be attending.

GAME NIGHT: It is great that Peter Schell and John E. are revitalizing our Game Night. All inter-ested please let them know that you will be attending and have a wonderful time. It is a fun thing to do on a cold winter night. Call Peter at 414-531-1391 or email him at GAME NIGHT is Saturday March 14 (7pm) at 3407 S. Alabama Avenue. Thanks to Peter and John.

  • St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, March 17, same night as Sheepshead.
  • Spring Equinox is Thursday March 19, same day as Lunch Bunch.
  • HAPPY HOUR: Will be at KRUZ on Friday March 20 at 5:30. We will be returning after a few month’s absence. Come join us for a few drinks.
  • DINING OUT: March 21 we will explore WONDERLAND in Riverwest, adjacent to Art*Bar. Cock-tails at Art*Bar at 6:30, with dinner at 7:00pm.
  • LGBT Center Happy Hour: We will once again be attending...with the Location TBA: it had not been announced at the time of this publication. I think it will be on Friday March 27, 5:00-7:00.

MASQUERADE HOUSE PARTY: Carl is hosting a GAMMA Masquerade house party. Let’s have some fun by making and wearing a unique mask that you have made and we will vote on the BEST OF SHOW. GAMMA will provide a different type of menu for the evening. Paul has been planning the menu and has some UNIQUE foods in mind. (HINT: Can you say fondue????) Please do not call Carl, but DO CALL Paul Masterson (414.881.9786) or email him ( to let him know that you will be attending ASAP. The festivities begin at 6:00pm on March 28 at Carl Wagner’s home, 3119 North Humboldt Blvd in Riverwest. REMEMBER it is a BYOB.See you at this month’s events and please read this and take heed.

So three Fridays and three Saturdays of fun and camaraderie with your GAMMA friends.

That’s it folks! See you at this month’s events. Join me and our members.

Your Bedazzling President,


If you can be anything in the world…..BE KIND !!!